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Farm Gate T-28 shot courtesy of James Dezso
Det. 2a of the 4400th CCTS was the first American unit to use T-28s in Viet Nam. James Dezso was kind enough to loan some of his pictures to me.

Another Jim Dezso T-28 Farmgate shot.

Individual Farm Gate T-28 shot from Jum Dezso. This picture gives a better feel for how the T-28s looked.

Bill Verebely Soc Trang   shot.

Bill Verebely granted permission to use this picture from Soc Trang. He provided a large number of pictures and I intend to rotate them over the next few months.

Another Bill Verebely Soc Trang shot.

T-28s did take hits as this Bill Verebely shot shows. A quick look at my losses page will show that some of the pilots weren't as lucky as this one.

T-28 assigned to USMACTHAI/TLD

The T-28 was used as a trainer and later as a counter insurgency fighter during the Vietnam War. In Thailand the 606th Air Commando Squadron flew under the callsign Zorro. In August 1968 all Air Commando units were redesignated as Special Operations units.

T-28 Maintenance

Khmer students working on a T-28 assigned to USMACTHAI/TLD. We trained maintenance workers, forward air controllers, and pilots.

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The Navy T-28B was converted to the T-28D-10. It was essentially the same as a D-5 except each wing weighed 50 pounds more.

T-28D-5 spar cap end

The above picture shows a disaster waiting to happen. This is the spar cap end from one of our planes at Udorn. It's cracked and had to be cut off and replaced with a stainless glove.

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It should be noted that many nations adopted the T-28 as a Counter Insurgency aircraft. Others used various versions as trainers. I've personally flown T-28's owned by Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, and Laos. We were on a Thai base and they had T-28's. Some of the Laotian T-28's were transferred to the Philippines. There is also evidence that the North Vietnamese operated two T-28 supplied by defectors.

A T-28 on the ramp at Udorn RTAFB. It was assigned to USMACTHAI/TLD and used for training.

T-28 assigned to USMACTHAI/TLD

Please visit my tribute page to the Khmer Air Force.

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We are forming an organization to celebrate the role of the T-28 and conduct research concerning its use. The name selected is T-28 Nomads. There was no one callsign used and the Trojan was unarmed.We want everyone concerned:pilots; ground crew;and, other interested people. For more information, contact Charlie Brown

My favorite links (Note: T-28's and A-1's often worked together. Some of us flew both).

Air Force Museum

Air Commando Association

Skyraider Association

T-28 Tangos

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The next linked page gives a listing of T-28 combat losses. Warning: This is a large file!

T-28 Losses

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John Marley has written a page on the USAF involvement with the RLAF. The next button links to that page. The site where I made my buttons had closed by the time I made the RLAF button. If anyone knows of another site that has a button maker, please let me know.

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